Grind #70 :: The Honey Pot, Kick Balls & Busting Balls

This edition of the Grind features stories/videos to make you say hmmm, make you laugh or make you nod your head in agreement. We've got a spy who is an expert in the art of the honey pot, some guys who take kickball way serious, some guys busting balls, some girls with a superhero in a super curious spot and a song to get your weekend jumping. Let's roll into the weekend.


  • This Atlantic article asks "How Much Would You Pay for An Empty Room?" I think it depends on your home situation.
  • Hold your iPhone in your left hand, do ya? Don't do that.
  • Okay, first of all, I had no idea a "Kickball Championship" was an actual thing. Second of all, the phrase "only in kickball" made me laugh SO hard:

  • The NFL is seeing ratings drop this season. There's speculation all over the map as to why viewers are fleeing. I personally feel it's because it sucks to watch a football game on tv. There are literally twenty commercials for every three minutes of game time. But Awful Announcing did a great job breaking down every aspect of why the NFL's greed has finally caught up to it.
  • Ball Busting claims many a male ego day after day. It's nice to see it's finally getting some recognition:

  • I still sing the Charles in Charge theme, but I guess that's not strong enough nowadays. With over 400 scripted shows, this article details the evermore importance of a show's opening title sequence.
  • Trust me, I'm the last guy that thought I'd enjoy Fox's new Lethal Weapon remake, but I really, really do. It's a throwback to a time when tv shows were lighter fare and wanted to entertain and make you laugh. I'm happy to report it just got picked up for a full season.
  • Maybe it's because I'm a man, but I had no idea women had superheroes inside their vaginas.
  • I've had my chip card for about 3 months. 3 Loooooooong months:

...The Last Drop

Closing it down this week with a song to get you ready for your weekend. We only have so many, so enjoy it.