Grind #114 :: Banned Books, Bat Salads, Ventriloquists & Dummies


As Eddie Murphy used to say as Buckwheat on SNL, "Been a wong tye since dem day." First time in a long time, I have a full-fledged unfocused edition of the Grind covering an array of topics including how to sound smarter, how to detect if you're married to an idiot, Saloon door security, some travel hacks, a few mind blowing videos and more. So, turn on some Ani DiFranco, slip on your Allbirds Wool Loungers and have a bat salad. (This will all make sense soon.)

  • Alejandro Benzaquen and Kevin Lustgarten (the duo is also known as 2venezolanos) are bending reality, but instead of pulling a bunny out of a hat, they use post production to surprise us. From grinding fruits into cereal with their bare hands to turning a pizza box into dominoes – these guys are true magicians.

...The Last Drop

Grind #114 :: Banned Books, Bat Salads, Ventriloquists & Dummies ~ Fin.