Grind #111 :: Blondie, The Boss and Shamrock Bolts

I'm as shocked as anybody it took me this long to post something about Blondie on Ventipop. As a kid, my mom would taxi me to the mall every time they released a new record. Watching Deborah Harry perform in a Hefty bag on Saturday Night Live was a mile marker in my maturation process. ('Nuff said.) Blondie has a new album out on May 5th titled Pollinator and it's full of guest collaborators including Blood Orange who wrote the "Heart of Glass" inspired single, "LONG TIME". In support of the new record, Blondie will tour with Garbage later this year. Enjoy the new song and some other music related stories before Shamrock bolts free and nearly kills and Irishman.

  • POP QUIZ, HOTSHOT! - Can you name the song based only on their second verses?
  • RAINDROPS KEEP FALLIN' ON MY HEAD. We all play music based on the weather outside, but now Spotify and AccuWeather have joined forces to provide a new service that creates playlists based the weather in the user's area called Climatune.
  • Here's a detailed firsthand account of Italian Post-Punk Band SOVIET SOVIET GETTING JAILED AND DEPORTED in Seattle on their way to SXSW Music Festival.
  • During a Thursday concert at Australia’s Brisbane Entertainment Center, teenager Nathan Testa caught the Boss’ attention with a cheeky sign that read, “Missed school, in the s—, now can I play ‘Growin’ Up’ with you?” “You know it on guitar?,” Springsteen asked upon noticing the sign. After an enthusiastic “yes!,” Springsteen told him, “Come on up!”

...The Last Drop

"Woah Shamrock!"