Take A Wissen! Favorite 100 Songs of 2018 :: #80-61

Cooking, driving, working, blogging, cleaning, playing, parenting…whatever. I’m listening to music. Throughout the year. All the time. Every day.

These are my favorite 100 songs from the past year. Notice I’m not egotistical enough to proclaim my love of them makes them the “Best Songs of the Year” like other year end lists. They are simply my favorite; the ones I do not want to forget and are now in Jay’s musical rotation from now til eternity. OR until Spotify goes under and all my playlists are lost or the world ends. Or my world ends. May they make you move, sing, cry, close your eyes, smile, do the white man’s overbite or the Elaine dance. Like Eddie Murphy’s Buckwheat said, “Take A Wissen!”.

80.  “You Get” by Cat Power

There are two things I know for certain and that is my words — my songs — and my son. I am a reflection of those two things.
— Cat Power

79. “Milk & Coffee” by NoMBe

Will you still love me in the morning?
Will you stay for milk & coffee?

78. “Be The Change” by The Wild Reeds

I’ll be the change when I wanna be
Leave it unexplained how I act this way

77. “Leaving The Table” by Leonard Cohen

Was he, in the end, a musician or a poet? A grave philosopher or a grim sort of comedian? A cosmopolitan lady’s man or a profound, ascetic seeker? Jew or Buddhist? Hedonist or hermit? Across his 82 years, the Montreal-born Leonard Cohen was all of these things
— The Guardian

76. “Witchcraft” by Graveyard Club

And the last of love that’s in your heart is about to crumble now

75. “Crack The Case” by Dawes

Ignoring all of the remedies
Believing all of the rumors
With their endless database
I wanna sit with my enemies
And say, “We should have done this sooner”
While I look them in the face
Maybe that will crack the case

74. “Move” by Milo Greene

I want to...Be the one that can change up the pace of the room

73. “Family Tree” by Priscilla Renea

Pain carved its name
And my heart froze like winter
And the splinter kindled embers

72. “Jeannie Becomes A Mom” by Caroline Rose

Moving outside Topeka
Jeannie gonna buy her a big house there
Split level, a cul-de-sac
Jeannie gonna get her some big hair, yeah

71. “Heaven’s Got A Back Door” by Dead Sara

I’ve never been your perfect song, your favorite daughter

70. “No One Changes” by Conor Oberst

Sitting here speaking Greek to a college blog
Every sentence is the same it’s just talk, talk, talk

69. “Weatherman” by Victory Boyd

And I said no sir, ‘cause I’m doin’ just fine
The sky is clear and I can feel the sun shine
And he said let me know if you change your mind

68. “Groceries” by Gia Margaret

Though it’s not easy to see
There’s always glimmer

67. “Real Life (Trump Era)” by Maria Taylor, Lester Nuby III & Louis Schefano

A collection of songs like a rising tide to raise the ships that we have found ourselves adrift in for the past 18 months or so.
— Paste Magazine

66. “Always Remember Us This Way” by Lady Gaga

You found the light in me that I couldn’t find

65. “Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts)” by The Smashing Pumpkins

Rule like a tyrant
Make like a valentine

64. “Mansion Door” by Shakey Graves

Fire burning
Clean-cut flowers in the yard
Daylight turning
All the sleeping statues into girls
I feel nothing
Sleep is never coming
I hear laughter from afar
Must be the song of a lonely star

63. “Time We Made Time” by Mandolin Orange

It’s time we made time just for talking

62. “On The 5” by Winnetka Bowling League

Certain songs and certain places
Remind me of certain faces

61. “Wide Awake” by Parquet Courts

The title track is Eighties Mudd Club boogie-in-the-wreckage punk-funk, complete with cowbells and referee whistles.
— Rolling Stone