Take A Wissen! Favorite 100 Songs of 2018 :: #60-41

Cooking, driving, working, blogging, cleaning, playing, parenting…whatever. I’m listening to music. Throughout the year. All the time. Every day.

These are my favorite 100 songs from the past year. Notice I’m not egotistical enough to proclaim my love of them makes them the “Best Songs of the Year” like other year end lists. They are simply my favorite; the ones I do not want to forget and are now in Jay’s musical rotation from now til eternity. OR until Spotify goes under and all my playlists are lost or the world ends. Or my world ends. May they make you move, sing, cry, close your eyes, smile, do the white man’s overbite or the Elaine dance. Like Eddie Murphy’s Buckwheat said, “Take A Wissen!”.

60.  “How Much” by Tiny Ruins

Your planet’s reeling
Your footprints on the floor
Can’t help the feeling of wanting nothing more

59. “Fast Talk” by Houses

And maybe god is just a cop that we can fast talk
So if you’re guilty and you know it, put your hands up
’Cause karma’s just a different word for bad luck
And what if death is just another pair of handcuffs?

58. “Best Friend” by Sofi Tukker

Yo, you wanna meet me at the bar? YAWP!
Yo, you wanna meet me at the lounge? YAWP!
Yo, you wanna meet me at the club? YAWP!
Yo, you wanna meet me downtown? Okay!

57. “The Shadow” by Millie Turner

Forget the sticky floors and the irritating bar queues in your local club – there’s nothing quite like that blissful moment where a song finds itself commanding a dancefloor without really trying. Millie Turner’s ‘The Shadow’ is that song.

56. “Damage” by Rachel Wammack

I’m a bartender, best friend pretender
I make drinks to help forget and help remember
Beautiful humans, I am a student

55. “Oil In The Water” by John Joseph Brill

Oil in the Water is about the inextricable relationship between love and loss… does the finite nature of an experience undermine the validity and the intensity of that experience?
— John Joseph Brill

54. “Quiet, The Winter Harbor” by Mazzy Star

You’re like a villain
In some old film
Walking in the dark
In somebody’s room

53. “Talking To A Girl” by William Michael Morgan

I’m walkin’ her to the door
We’re standin’ on the porch
We’re both wantin’ more
But I ain’t goin’ in

52. “Be Alright” by Dean Lewis

I know you love her, but it’s over, mate

51. “Cool Generator” by Bad Moves

It’s completely charming indie-pop with good harmonies, which frankly should be enough for the likes of you. But no, they had to spoil us by making it a song about something too. (Listen close.)

50. “Black Sheep” by MILCK

The house you build that will be safe and be full of light and space

49. “Nice To See You” by Vansire, Floor Cry

Nice to see you...How you doing

48. “Got My Named Changed Back” by Pistol Annies

Well I’ve got me an ex that I adored
But he got along good with a couple road whores

47. “Tinseltown Swimming In Blood” by Destroyer

Now let me tell you about the dream
I had no feeling
I had no past
I was the Arctic
I was the vast
Without reprieve
I was a dreamer
Watch me leave.

46. “Can’t Knock The Hustle” by Weezer

My manager’s slacking so I gotta’ move quick
I’m lacking in natural gifts

45. “Judy Blume” by Amanda Palmer

Well, the great thing about playing this song live is that the subject doesn’t reveal itself until well into the song when I say her name. Then there’s this moment where everyone in the audience, if they’re American, wildly applauds because they didn’t see it coming.
— Amanda Palmer


What the fuck is that about?

43. “Choirs” by Ashe

In the champagne drought I lost my mind
So I started smoking cigarettes with boxed wine
When I made a sound, my neighbors cried
Said all my songs sound just like drunken lullabies

42. “Get Out” by CHVRCHES

So do you want to turn it around?
And do you want to show me how?
You are a kaleidoscope
You are a kaleidoscope

41. “Sometimes” by Gerry Cinnamon

Sometimes, just sometimes
Maybe more than some of the time
I’m on a false ego trip
Insecurity is rife
I’m not the ideal person
To be lecturing of life