Take A Wissen! Favorite 100 Songs of 2018 :: #40-21

Cooking, driving, working, blogging, cleaning, playing, parenting…whatever. I’m listening to music. Throughout the year. All the time. Every day.

These are my favorite 100 songs from the past year. Notice I’m not egotistical enough to proclaim my love of them makes them the “Best Songs of the Year” like other year end lists. They are simply my favorite; the ones I do not want to forget and are now in Jay’s musical rotation from now til eternity. OR until Spotify goes under and all my playlists are lost or the world ends. Or my world ends. May they make you move, sing, cry, close your eyes, smile, do the white man’s overbite or the Elaine dance. Like Eddie Murphy’s Buckwheat said, “Take A Wissen!”.

40.  “Autumn Town Leaves” by Iron & Wine

Some get rain and some get snow
Some want love and some want gold
I just want to see you in the morning

39. “YO! MY SAINT” by Karen O & Michael Kiwanuka

For the music, I immediately wanted to do melodramatic and romantic and with lots of yearning and high stakes—all the good stuff that’s in any Korean soap opera.
— Karen O

38. “What’s Your Hurry” by Hush Kids

We’ve all got distractions
Our heads up our asses
Stare at the clock
Miss the world as it passes

37. “Drowning In The Sound” by Amanda Palmer

And now I can taste it coming
I can taste it with my tongue
And my children are so heavy
But I pick them up and run
And I know I’ll have to swim soon
When the water gets too high
I’ll keep on holding them above me
I’ll keep on holding them and crying

36. “The Opener” by Camp Cope

It’s another man telling us we can’t fill up the room
It’s another man telling us to book a smaller venue
’Nah, hey, cmon girls we’re only thinking about you’
Well, see how far we’ve come not listening to you

35. “I Don’t Want Your Voice To Move Me” by Laura Gibson

I don’t want your voice to move me
I don’t want to be cracked open
I don’t want the knot to loosen
In my throat, to place a landmine down a rabbit hole
I am no pale faced saint
I am like a dog always barking at a ghost

34. “The Big Unknown” by Sade

We are all Viola Davis, staring out of a window, crying and listening to Sade.

33. “Cash For Gold” by Cut Worms

The 27-year-old’s debut LP, Hollow Ground, crackles with the heat of a love-struck nostalgia, woven together with a palpable Everly Brothers’ influence and retro sound. It reaches back into decades of plainspoken, unfussy, and squarely American storytelling and pulls it forth into 2018.
— RoughTrade.com

32. “Curse Of The I-5 Corridor” by Neko Case

In the current of your life
I was an eyelash in the shipping lanes

31. “Girl Goin’ Nowhere” by Ashley McBryde

But when the lights come up
And I hear the band
And where they said I’d never be is exactly where I am

30. “Leave Us Alone” by Amy Shark

Amy Shark smokes, puffs, and breathes her effervescent vocals like steam radiating warmth upon heartbreak.
— Diandra Reviews It All

29. “Make Me Feel” by Janelle Monae

It’s like I’m powerful with a little bit of tender
An emotional sexual bender

28. “She Remembers Everything” by Rosanne Cash & Sam Phillips

She remembers everything
I don’t know her now
My bitter pill, my broken vow

27. “Small Talk” by Courtney Barnett

I fast forward, get busy pretending that, well I’ve seen everything
Can I get you anything? A soda? Campari? With lemon? Well, you got it

26. “Scary People” by Georgi Kay

We live for the scary time, scary place, scary people

25. “Chevrolet Van” by The Nude Party

...I said thanks for the cigarette but I think I know the rest...

24. “Be More Kind” by Frank Turner

In a world that has decided
That it’s going to lose its mind
Be more kind, my friends, try to be more kind

23. “Sober Up” by AJR & Rivers Cuomo

We smile at party time
But soon we forget to smile
At anything else

22. “Galveston” by Craig Finn & The Uptown Controllers

The waitress keeps makin’ it weird
I wish she wouldn’t call me “big brother”

21. “Running Up That Hill” by First Aid Kit (Kate Bush Cover)

We started listening to Kate Bush pretty recently and thought the song’s fantastic melody would suit our voices and signature folk rock sound.
— First Aid Kit