Take A Wissen! Favorite 100 Songs of 2018 :: #100-81

Cooking, driving, working, blogging, cleaning, playing, parenting…whatever. I’m listening to music. Throughout the year. All the time. Every day.

These are my favorite 100 songs from the past year. Notice I’m not egotistical enough to proclaim my love of them makes them the “Best Songs of the Year” like other year end lists. They are simply my favorite; the ones I do not want to forget and are now in Jay’s musical rotation from now til eternity. OR until Spotify goes under and all my playlists are lost or the world ends. Or my world ends. May they make you move, sing, cry, close your eyes, smile, do the white man’s overbite or the Elaine dance. Like Eddie Murphy’s Buckwheat said, “Take A Wissen!”.

100.  “Anybody” by Dead Sara

I’m lost, you’re lost, but you know we’re not lonely

99. “Younger Years” by The Milk Carton Kids

The love inside our hearts
Is the only kind of savior we’ve been sent

98. “London” by Enola Fall

London is a song about how a piece of music, or a taste or a smell can send you straight back in time.

97. “Make The World Go Away” by Ruen Brothers (Eddy Arnold Cover)

Make the world go away, Get it off my shoulder

96. “Shame” by Elle King

I can make you shake, Rattle your bones

95. “Love And Lies” by Zoe Lister-Jones, Adam Palley & Fred Armisen

I have no idea if you’ve gained a pound or two
And even if I did I would not tell you

94. “Plastic Skeletons” by Jealous of the Birds

Do you wanna meet on the cold concrete
Outside our favourite diner?
Do you wanna wrap me up in suede
Smudge off my black eyeliner?

93. “Older” by Sasha Sloan

I swore I’d never be like them
But I was just a kid back then

92. “Only You” by Alistair Griffin (Yazoo Cover)

All I needed was the love you gave

91. “9/10” by Jeff Rosenstock

Every vacant moment you’ve exhausted all the options
That you thought could fill the hole
Every star you’re wishing on
Just hoping for a little self-control

90. “Graffiti” by CHVRCHES

We wrote our names along the bathroom walls
Graffitiing our hearts across the stalls

89. “My Girls” by The Vanjas

Danger, pain, trouble – come at me. Everything’s easy, as long as you’re with your crew. The song is about a girl who’s waiting and wishing to be with her friends. She knows what it’s like to be alone, but her friends are arriving soon and she knows fun times are ahead. ‘My girls’ is a soundtrack to hanging with your crew.
— The Vanjas

88. “Party Line” by The Surfrajettes

Psychedelic instro surf band from Toronto, Ontario.
— Bio

87. “Etta James” by Brian Fallon

Now Etta James, hit that symphony
’Cause she drips through my blood like a remedy

86. “Gran Canaria” by La Lusid

Stuck inside a dream, never want to leave

85. “Welcome Home” by Joy Williams

It’s so good to see your face
Welcome home

84. “Die On A Friday” by Son of Caesar

It’s Friday and you’re in love with the blue sky above...

83. “The Lifeboat” by Frank Turner

There’s a shadow across the land
There’s a hatred and a hunger, and it’s hard to understand
How we fell so far from where we began

82. “Friend of Mine” by War Is Over

I’m broken, don’t touch me

81. “Helpless” by The Regrettes

Everybody’s dancin’ and the band’s top volume