"Enjoy Your Life and Continue to Keep Learning" (Grind #153)

A smile. A thought. A laugh. On a good day, a cry. That's all I'm trying to do here. Lord knows we need it. So, lighten up, Francis and enjoy these 10 things I discovered and quite enjoyed on the net this morning. 

After moving across the country, Sean Wang documents the first year of his life in New York—alongside his mother's voicemails.

National Geographic Magazine has opened its annual photo contest for 2017, with the deadline for submissions coming up on November 17. The Grand Prize Winner will receive $10,000, publication in National Geographic Magazine and a feature on National Geographic’s Instagram account. Hover on photo for title/description.

Personally, I find this photo of a 1970's grocery soda aisle to be as fascinating as any of the above:


Merlot sales tanked after Paul Giamatti's flat-out rejection of the wine in this clip from 2004 Sideways; a phenomenon known in the wine industry as “the Sideways effect.”

But according to a 2016 Wine Intelligence report, merlot is back: the no. 1 varietal of choice for American drinkers of all ages.

Lisbon, Portugal art director and illustrator João Rocha has released 2 Kinds of People: A Visual Compatibility Quiz, his new interactive book featuring clever side by side illustrations comparing the two kinds of people in this world. The book is available to purchase from Amazon.


Do not overlook "the little guy of cinema"...the film prop.

A band called The Academic cleverly took advantage of the slight broadcast delay in Facebook Live to construct a loop sampler out of video, so that at any given moment, each member of the band is performing with their past and future selves and bandmates.

"This is something that should not happen." Museums are pulling exhibits for being too controversial. First at the Guggenheim and now the Louvre has pulled this piece for being "sexually explicit". (Personally, I don't see it.)

Each man kills the thing he loves.
— Oscar WIlde

The beauty in the world juxtaposed by the ugliness in the world: RIP The Broccoli Tree

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