Dry Goods Store, General Merchandise (Grind #149)

Just because you like my stuff doesn’t mean I owe you anything.
— Bob Dylan

Apple introduced a new $1000 iPhone yesterday. I love all things Apple, but even I can't justify spending a grand to play Toy Blast even if it recognizes my face. And about that...what if you have an evil twin who is dead set on using your phone as the trigger device for the bomb he's going to use to blow up the world? My overactive imagination also started wondering what other cool things are out there Ventipop readers should know about. Unlike the pricey iPhone X, you shouldn't have to utilize any sort of payment plan to get your hands on these every day, useful items. If you see anything you like, please buy it here and Venti gets a small amount of the sale.

SIDENOTE: I'm not sure   this   is what Steve Jobs had in mind when he envisioned Apple reinventing the future.

SIDENOTE: I'm not sure this is what Steve Jobs had in mind when he envisioned Apple reinventing the future.

The perfect gift for the art lover in your life. These pens use only the best, premium dyes for amazing purity of color. Check out the amazing Amazon use reviews to get an idea of just how much people love these pens.

My wife sent me this link so I'm featuring these as a reminder to buy these for her this Christmas.

Hair left behind in the tub or circling the drain is an everyday nuisance, but TubShroom’s drain hair catcher has it covered. With this flexible silicone plug, you won’t be looking at wads of wet hair—or having chronically clogged pipes.

It fits into your drain, replacing the standard metal hair catcher or stopper in your tub or sink. Its spool-like shape snags hair around it, below the surface where you can’t see it, but before it reaches the pipes. Though the hair is captured, holes allow water to still flow. Pull the plug out and wipe off any hair with a tissue once or twice a week. Pop it back in, and you’re good to go.


Never sit in a restaurant again strategically folding a napkin into a point to dislodge that stuck head of broccoli caught in your teeth. Goodfloss are biodegradable flossers that come in a credit card sized packs of four. Each flosser also has a hinged toothpick.

Better than a Bandaid. Use this 3M material, called Tegaderm, for applying dressing over a bleeding injury. It’s much better than adhesive tape or a big band-aid. Tegaderm is an air-permeable plastic film, as thin as cling film, but stronger and with an adhesive. I’ve found it adheres perfectly and because it is so thin it’s unnoticeable, especially on joints. You don’t even remember it’s on. Because of its thinness Tegaderm works really great under clothing. It’s breathable, too, and won’t come off in water.

Pee-it to believe it! Because no one likes being blinded by the bathroom light for those late-night bathroom runs, there's the IllumiBowl - a motion-activated light that softly fills your bathroom.

Comic Books for people who don't like superheroes

Preacher Book One
By Garth Ennis
Pretty Deadly Volume 1: The Shrike
By Kelly Sue DeConnick

From Comics to Effortlessly Cool Work Clothes for Professional Women
We found it almost impossible to find stylish, quality workwear that didn’t cost a fortune. Retailers also didn’t seem to understand what was office-appropriate, making hemlines and adding embellishments that were definitely not HR-approved. It didn’t make sense to us that the clothes we wore five days of the week should be so difficult to find, so we decided to do something about it. We were really the Of Mercer customer before we had a solution.
— Dorie Smith, Of Mercer Co-Founder

Of Mercer cofounders understand the needs of their customer better (most designers at mass-market brands have never set foot in a corporate environment), and their designs reflect that. Of Mercer's clothes are uniquely designed for the workingwoman's needs — whether that's a reversible dress she can wear twice on a business trip or a dress with underarm panels that look like cool design elements, but actually hide sweat stains when her office's AC is on the fritz.

The Not So Distant Future Wish List. I would pay $1000 for this:

Why get a dog when you can get a fridge?

...The Last Drop

On the other hand, maybe we just need to downsize: