Daily Grind :: Ventimix Playlist, DNA Hard Drives and Robot Furniture

Good morning, Popsicles! That's a nickname one of you readers came up with for Ventipop readers. Not sure if that will stick. Not sure if I want that to stick. LOL. Hope all of you are having a great, as unproductive a week as possible. Take a few minutes today to sit back and relax.

Let's kick off the Grind today with an upbeat, jammin' new song by the band Foxtrax titled "Underwater"...here's a little snippet about the band's latest EP release The Cabin:

And by the way, every song featured here on Ventipop's Daily Grind and on the Ventipop Music page is available in the new Ventimix Playlist on Spotify:

  • And my kids really need this water bottle...but maybe attach a leash to it somehow: