17 Things You Absolutely Do Not Need To Know But I Told You About Anyway

People keep asking me what this website is about and I keep answering with long, convoluted detailed explanations like, "It's your source for news about music, tech, design, arts, science, literature, food...whatever. I scour the internet to find what's interesting and then throw it together for you in a feel good, non-snarky, non-celeb-obsessed sort of way."

This blog IS about all of that stuff, but actually the most honest answer is this blog is plain and pure escapism. It's me placing random, hopefully interesting stories and news in front of you that you may have otherwise missed. It's about you, bobbing your head to a new song or thinking about something common in an uncommon way or learning something new when you least expect it. And sometimes it's just about 17 things you absolutely do not need to know but I tell you about them anyway. Things like Kim Jong-Un Squishy Rabbit Heads. Enjoy.

  • Take a deep breath. That little show on HBO with the dragons will not premiere next spring as planned. Gulp.
  • In honor of the recent sanctions against Kim Jong-Un...Squishy Rabbit Head.
  • This husband convinced a town to send his wife roses on her last day of chemo treatment for breast cancer.
  • Song of the day...Darius Rucker's "If I Told You":

  • For Shame! I'm honest and upfront about my love for Margot Robbie. Here are a few more reasons to love her: She doesn't spend money on things she doesn't need and she's such a huge Harry Potter fan, she lied about her 20/20 vision so she could get glasses and look like Harry:
13-Year-Old Margot Robbie enjoying Harry Potter

13-Year-Old Margot Robbie enjoying Harry Potter

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