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Every Friday I look at the stats for Ventipop and I send out thanks to all of you. This week, we've had the largest jump in stats and followers in our abbreviated history; and that's all due to folks like you helping us get the word out. That's awesome and much appreciated. We are working towards exclusive Ventipop features in the near future. Baby steps. Thanks for holding our hands as we learn to walk.

It does a body good.

I hope these Daily Grinds help make all your days a bit more enjoyable. Cheers to you and yours with best wishes for a Happy 4th of July weekend.

  • We've been chatting up "Best of 2016 Lists" this week on Ventipop. Here's a list of the best TV Shows of the year so far.
  • Ever wonder how all those Price is Right winners collect their prizes?
  • I talked earlier this week about how Preacher on AMC should be getting more love. Apparently, the AMC Execs listened to me and renewed it for a second season. 
  • Here's the first trailer for director Clint Eastwood's Sully starring Tom Hanks:
  • The Foley Artists did a masterful job on that trailer, didn't they? Don't know what a Foley Artist is? Here's another video that tells you about the painstaking craft of movie sound effects:

  • Have you seen that awesome, groundbreaking 2012 Pixar movie The Bear and the Bow?
  • Did you know Hannah Montana: The Movie made more in its U.S. opening weekend than Titanic did; or that no sequel has ever been the highest grossing movie of all-time? Find out more box office shocking trivia here.
  • The guy saying the upcoming Han Solo movie has the best script of any of the Star Wars movies ever might be a little biased.
  • We don't usually mention the little show on HBO that has dragons; we leave that to EVERY other website out there to dissect its every moment. Today, however, we're going to make an exception because we find this guys character impersonations too damn funny:

  • This review gave the new Bat for Lashes album "The Bride" 4 Stars.
  • Jon Bon Jovi is a pretty cool guy.
  • I didn't feature enough music this week. Trust me, I'll make up for it next week. For now, let's close out the Grind with just a few standout new tracks we heard in the past month:

Awesome Weekend To You & Yours