Daily Grind :: Jana Brike, Inspiration and Imagination

Today's Daily Grind is all about wonder and imagination. Looking at the commonplace in an uncommon way. From staircases to kid's learning methods to the American world of Harry Potter to strangely disturbing artwork by Jana Brike. Enjoy something different.

You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club
— Jack London

  • 20 Pieces of beautiful art masquerading as staircases.
  • The "Light Rider Motorcycle" weighs just 77 pounds. That's the good news.
  • It's going to be really hard add all of this North American subject matter to our Harry Potter internal lexicon.  JK Rowling announced four new houses at the American version of Hogwarts. Say hello to Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft & Wizardry and the four houses: Thunderbird, Pukwudgie, Wampus and Horned Serpent.

  • Astronomers believe they may have found a 6,000-year-old telescope.
  • NASA's Journey to Mars Initiative has taken on a retro feel in the promotions department. Check out these posters to get people onboard with human space travel:

  • A couch tied in a knot. A picnic table made from a roll of toilet paper. See these and other pieced of incredible sculptural furniture.
  • Using math to make eggs dance. Mind. Blown.:

  • I'm going to close out the grind today by featuring Latvian painter Jana Brike. There's something both beautiful and intimately disturbing in her work. It's rare to be moved by both beauty and a troubling sense of something not quite right beneath the surface of the beauty you are seeing.