Daily Grind :: Free Stuff, A Good Cry & Montreal Seasoning?

The Graying of Rural America...see link below

The Graying of Rural America...see link below

Morning Friends.  Getting rolling this morning on the new blog design and building a following. I'd appreciate the early readers & subscribers spreading the word of what we're up to here at Ventipop.

Our motto is Laugh, Think and Be Moved.  Who doesn't want those things?  We don't like snark.  We don't care about the Kardashians.  And we won't EVER post a story about the orange menace (aka He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named).  Today is the first of many together...or at least that's the unfulfilled dream at this point.  The Daily Grind is our daily morning post blending together the trivial with the profound, the humor with the heart, the laughter with the thought.

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Now, take a minute; you can spare a minute.  Sit back with a hot beverage in hand and nuzzle up to the stories we've blended together for you this morning. Cheers!

  • Let's wake up on a Monday to a motivating new song by The Head & The Heart.  This one is called All We Ever Knew:
  •  Here's the full story of the happy young lady in the above video.  Also, thank God there are companies out there like A Step Ahead Prosthetics.
  • There's now scientific proof that growing up with books around you helps you make more money as an adult.
  • A new book attempts to debunk the myth that Chinese Parents preferred sons over daughters during the government's One Child policy.  China's Hidden Children by Kay Ann Johnson is both heartbreaking and revealing.
  • The Graying of Rural America poses the question of what happens to small town America as young people migrate to big cities?  It's an intriguing read on Atlantic.
  •  Bose started noise-canceling headphones and now they've finally caught up and released Bluetooth versions.
  • Look in your kitchen cabinet.  It's in there.  See it?  Hiding all the way back there in the corner? We all have it, but what's the strange backstory of that Montreal Seasoning?
  • This was a fun Rap Battle on James Corden's show the other night:

Candidates for Board Game of the Year

  • If you watched the prosthetic doll video above, you probably already have a Kleenex handy.  So, why not watch this sad movie montage too: