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Brexit. Immigration. Mass shootings. The orange menace. Email scandals. Refugees. Sit-ins. The Bachelorette. It just never ends.

Like the old Cheers theme song used to say, "Wouldn't you like to get away?..."  That's what Ventipop is all about.  A little adult hidey-place in the far corner of the internet where you'll never see us posting stories about any of that stuff.  It's not like we think you should dig a hole and stick your head into it.  But there should be a place to escape and take a breath from all of it too.

We leave the hard news to everyone else. Here, we want you to laugh, to think and to find out about new movies, new music, new architecture, new science, new...whatever...without having to spend hours searching through all the above to find what's interesting.  If you feel like we're drowning in our own spin cycle, you've come to the right place.

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Now, on to today's Daily Grind:

  • Contrary to popular belief, Vinyl is NOT making a comeback.  HBO canceled it.
  • Louis C.K. and Pamela Adlon's new FX show 'Better Things' premieres in September.
  • Readers have been asking for more trailers.  Here's one for the upcoming Tom Cruise Jack Reacher sequel:

Converse is launching a shoe with a built-in guitar pedal. Jam out with the Chet Atkin's All-Wah by Converse:

  • You won't be able to phone a random Swede for free after Friday.
  • Speaking of Swedes, Here's a new track from Swedish popstar Dotter.  Thanks to one of our Stir Stick contributors, Ollie McCormack, for sending us this one: