Daily Grind :: Science, Bitch!

Never try to walk across a river just because it has an average depth of four feet.
— Martin Friedman

Dust off those thinking caps. Todays edition of the Daily Grind is all about Science.

American kids rank 25th in the world in math, 21st in science, and first in confidence in their own abilities.

  • I would not be shocked to see a mural of 11-year-old Jordan Reeves on a building someday. She was born with only one hand. But that hasn't stopped Jordan from becoming a Girl Scout, a CrossFit Athlete, a Musician...and oh yeah, in her spare time, she invents amazing glitter-shooting prosthetics.
  • In Finland, kids are learning computer coding without computers from a very young age. As one Finnish educator states, "We want students to understand what a computer can do, what a human can do, and why that’s different. To understand computing is to have a robust mental model of a notional machine." In other words, knowing how to use something isn’t the same as understanding how it works.
  • Pink used to be yellow.
  • The Wellcome Image Awards annually celebrate the marriage of science and art as they award "the most eye-catching celebration of science, medicine and life." Here are a few samples of winners this year:

...The Last Drop

For the kid in all of us...

Daily Grind :: Science, Bitch!