Daily Grind :: New Gaga, Immortality & Artisanal Toilet Paper

The new Lady Gaga track "Million Reasons" gets us started on this fine Thursday. I've a feeling you're going to be hearing this one a lot over the next year or so. Hope you and yours are doing well. Fill you mug with whatever you need to get you through and let's grind to a few stories on laughter, immortality, the past, the future and toilet paper from hell. 

  • A while ago, my kids and I were sitting in the car waiting on a train to pass. I told them when the caboose comes, the train will be over. They asked what a caboose was. The train came to an end and there was no caboose. One of those weirdly sad parenting moments where something as simple as a missing caboose makes you wonder what kind of world have you brought your kids into. Whatever happened to the little red caboose?
  • This story sounds like it belongs on The Onion, but it's actually true. There is a crowdsourcing project dedicated to Archiving the Civil War's text messages.
  • Will anything we currently build still be standing in 500 years? Here are seven ancient statues still standing tall.
  • Maybe an Ecocapsule will be the home of the future. It's an independent, tiny home powered by solar and wind energy. And if you decide you don't like the political sign your neighbors placed in their front yard, it can easily be moved for a change of scenery.

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