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It's been a while since we kicked things off with a song. Giving us the boot this morning is former Port O’Brien frontman and current WATERS frontman Van Pierszalowski. His newest project is called Van William. He’s recruited the Swedish sisters First Aid Kit for a new single “Revolution”. It's a catchy slice of folk-pop with a jaunty melody that belies its lyrics: “I want a revolution/ You want a short solution/ We never could see eye to eye/ You wanted retribution/ I came to the same conclusion/ It’s a story as old as time.” It's a great listen, but seriously...he had me at First Aid Kit.

  • Reading, listening to music, being in your natural environment and doing nothing were the top four most restful techniques per a BBC poll. Do we equate rest with being alone?
  • Why don't Americans take sick days
  • The subheading of this article, "What The Cleaner Saw", hooked me right away: "When I took a job cleaning New York apartments, I had no idea what I would find out about my clients." I always say you do not know someone truly until you enter their homes. 
  • I often do find myself thinking everyone around me is terrible, so maybe I am a jerk.
  • Speaking of jerks, Clinton or the Orange Menace would have to follow these steps to launch a nuclear strike.


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  • This airlines act of kindness is the kind of story we all need to hear more of.
  • We were all saddened and confused when we heard of Robin William's suicide. William's widow writes about her husband's illness in this enlightening article "The Terrorist Inside My Husband's Brain".
  • I hated to hear Ben Stiller was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.
  • The Proximity Button warns caregivers when their patients or loved ones have wandered outside of a designated safe area.
  • We could all take this advice at times, "Stop beating yourself up..."

...The Last Drop

Introducing stunning charcoal drawings on paper by New York City artist, Casey Baugh: