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Daily Grind :: Megaselia Rumps, Country Songs and a Look at Books

It's even worse than what you think.

It's even worse than what you think.

Funny how today was the longest day of the year and I still found a way to post to Ventipop SO late.  Here's an abbreviated version of the grind, but we've still got some fun finds for you. Brandy Clark's new album rocks, kids like books, adults don't like ebooks, there's a weird picture at the top of this post, there's a race in Massachusetts I want to go to, there's some clones soon to be out of work, some new music from Frankie Ballard and you'll learn what a megaselia rump is.

  • Brandy Clark's new album, Big Day in a Small Town, is full of fun, rollicking country tunes. Here's a video of her playing one of our favorites titled "Daughter".
  • The kids pick the best books at the Children's Choice Book Awards...good thing or that title would be ignorant.
  • If you love books, then you should sign up to receive Bookbub's daily email that alerts readers to free and deeply discounted ebooks.  It's like the Groupon of the literature world.
  • Speaking of books, there's research out there that suggests people retain 15-20% less of what they read on a digital device versus reading the traditional way on paper. I believe this is true. There's an interesting article about the declining sales of eBooks and the possible reasons here.
  • I think I'd really enjoy The Race of the Century:

  • There will be a fifth and final season of Orphan Black.
  • Here are the 20 comic book stores nominated for the big prize for retailers at this years San Diego Comic-Con.
  • Maybe you shouldn't Periscope The Cure concert on the official Nova Scotia government Twitter feed. Just sayin'.
  • We must be in a country kind of mood today.  Check out the official video for "Good As Gold" from Frankie Ballard's new album El Rio:
  • Want to learn about Megaselia rumps? What happens when you combine Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (AKA STEAM)? genitalia.

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