Grind #79 :: Election Fatigue, Election Freebies & Election Forgiveness

It's a Historic day in the U.S. And not only for the obvious reasons. On this date in history, many memorable things have occurred. John F. Kennedy became the youngest elected president in 1960. Abraham Lincoln was re-elected in 1864, Doc Holliday died of tuberculosis in 1887, Author Margaret Mitchell was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1900 and a German scientist accidentally discovered X-Rays in 1895. And of no relation at all to current events, Adolf Hitler survived an assassination attempt on this date in 1939. 

As we make our own bit of history, good or bad, here's an Election Day Grind with a melting pot of links to celebrate making it through this long, harrowing nightmare of an election year.

Democracy at its absolute finest.

Democracy at its absolute finest.

...The Last Drop

And if that whole "Bygones be Bygones forgiveness thing" doesn't work for you, how about, "Your Election Night Drinking Guide".

I'll be back tomorrow with beautiful, blissful music and everything NOT about the election. See how positive I am? I'm assuming there will be a tomorrow. In the words of NKOTB, "Hang tough."