Daily Grind :: A Treasure Trove for Book Lovers

There's a chill in the air lately as fall begins its slow roll over the countryside. I hate winter but I love the seasonal changes; especially summer to fall. This time of year, I get the itch to grab a book, the thicker the better, go away from the world and sink into its pages and just get lost. Today's Grind is a treasure trove for book lovers as I go in search of new reads, old reads, reading accessories and essential insults to throw back at your co-workers for those times when you must be in the presence of other people instead of your book, blanket and coffee.

Now go away, I'm reading.

Print is drool & coffee resistant.

Print is drool & coffee resistant.

  • "Mold was famous for writing the names of his children, and later on, me, in the grass with weed killer while we slept. “The fairies have been,” he’d say over breakfast. “Let’s go and see what they’ve been up to.” - An excerpt from Sophie Dahl's fascinating profile, "My grandfather Roald Dahl, the magician".
  • Between June 2015 and June 2016, one author made $95 million and outgrossed the second highest grossing author by about $75 million. The highest paid author is not who I thought it'd be on the list of the world's highest paid authors.
  • Superheroes used to just be in comics. Now, they rule the movies. They rule TV. But this article contends the best superheroes are not on screens; the best superheroes are in books.

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