Grind #90 :: Sour Candy, Groovy Vinyl & The Apple & Orange Riddle

Bleached :: "Sour Candy"

Trying to regain the Ventipop rhythm by stepping back into the 80's with this Runaways sounding single by the band Bleached. Let's Grind.

It's difficult to visit any website right now without finding yet another gift list. Even Ventipop is guilty of it with our Odd-Ball Christmas Gift List.  I'm a music lover so of course, I like a lot of the items suggested on the "15 Groovy Gift Ideas for the Serious Vinyl Collector" list. Plus, I try to use the word groovy whenever I can because I don't think it should have ever gone out of fashion. By the way, Vinyl outsold digital downloads in the UK the first week of December. Just sayin'.

Back to the lists...this Gift List for Geeks is also groovy, hip, heavy and swinging because who doesn't need Batman Boxers or a Harry Potter Quidditch Robe? If you don't find anything for the Geek you love there, CBS of all sites, offers up a list of sites to shop for Geeks.


There's a restaurant in Japan where you don't have any human interaction. You order by filling out a card and then press a button. A panel opens and a pair of hands reaches through and takes the card. Then, a few minutes later, the same pair of hands places your order in front of you. And you can't talk to the person seated next to you because there are wooden partitions separating each individual table. Sound like an introvert's paradise or a rest stop on the way to hell?

Paradise or hellish rest stop, it does seem like we're on our way to a future where human contact will be at an all-time minimum. Quartz recently ran this article which now seems appropriate, "The future is a place where we won’t have to talk to or hear from anyone we don’t want to".

Row your significant other to the center of a rippling lake & amaze them by calming the waters using only the power of your mind...and a teaspoon of olive oil.

Try and solve the Apples and Oranges Riddle a lot of tech companies ask prospective employees during interviews. I read the solution and the only thing I got was a headache. I'm not a smart man, Jennay.


Every year, Franklin Leonard releases The Black List. It's an annual list of the most-liked unproduced scripts in Hollyweird. The No. 1 script this year is by Elyse Hollander. It's a Madonna biopic set in the 1980's titled "Blond Ambition". The tagline reads "Madonna struggles to get her first album released while navigating fame, romance and a music industry that views women as disposable." It's an interesting list to navigate. Here's one I found interesting: "America: The Motion Picture" by Dave Callaham. Tagline: "An R-rated action comedy, animated, revisionist history of the founding of the United States of America". Hmmm. Who knows, maybe you'll find your next favorite movie in there.

I've a feeling I'm going to get completely pulled into the new Netflix series "The OA". A blind girl goes missing and is found years later with sight. I'm easy. I'm in. All chapters premiere Friday, December 16th. There goes my weekend.


I'm always intrigued by what writer's read. I was all-on on this Buzzfeed feature, "16 Famous Writers Told Us About The Book They’re Most Thankful For". Brainpickings says these were the best children's books of 2016. Sadly, The Bad Little Children's Books weren't mentioned in either of those lists. They are SO inappropriate...yet so funny. But unfortunately, the publisher recently came under fire and decided not to publish them anymore.

...The Last Drop

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