The Daily Grind (#222) :: Rupert the Bear, Steve Hartman and Summer's End

“It’s a blessing and a curse to go around the country and meet the best Americans out there. You can feel inspired by them, but they can also make you feel lacking. It reminds me that I need to do more, help more, be a better dad, but it also makes me feel more confident that our country is not so polarized and that we’re going to be ok.”
— Steve Hartman

Your Daily Grind...

Here's the 10 things I found on the internet worth sharing today. Ventipop's Daily Grind posts are meant to be fun, serious, thoughtful, musical, informative and hopeful. I post what I discover whether it be a new musician I think deserving of a listen, a new product I've used and like or an article that runs counter to the tide of thought. Peruse and enjoy.

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1. TV - "The Mad Divorcee of the Upper West Side is Back!" in the first trailer for season two of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel:

4. Innovation - An engineer with Pratt & Whitney, Mike McCune has solved a problem he's been working on for 30 years and his genius invention could transform jet engines:

5. Food - As usual, genius is simplicity. Why aren't all bananas sold in the "One-A-Day Banana Pack"?

6. International Corner, England - He's nearly 100 years old, but I swear, I have never heard of Rupert the Bear until just now.

7. Trailer of the Day - Simon Pegg returns to the genre that made him famous in Slaughterhouse Rulez:

10. Feel - If someone walks into a room after I've watched one of Steve Hartman's "On The Road" videos, they usually assume I'm recovering from a pepper spray attack. Here's a little background on Steve Hartman and how he puts those segments together.

And here's one of his latest stories. Queue the tears:

Enjoy your weekend. Grind #222...fini.

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