The Daily Grind (#218) :: The Matilda Effect, Jade Bird and Chicken Diapers

“I never get nervous, but I get shifty, like, ‘Am I going to do a good job?’ That’s the more meaningful moment for me— when I can silence a room.”
— Jade Bird

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Here's the 10 things I found on the internet worth sharing today. Ventipop's Daily Grind posts are meant to be fun, serious, thoughtful, musical, informative and hopeful. I post what I discover whether it be a new musician I think deserving of a listen, a new product I've used and like or an article that runs counter to the tide of thought. Peruse and enjoy.

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1. Toys Story - What was the most popular toy the year you were born?

2. International Corner, France - France bans smartphone use in schools. Students can have them but they must be turned off.

Also in France: “Harassment in the street has previously not been punished. From now on, it will be,” Marlene Schiappa, gender equality minister and architect of the new legislation, told Europe 1 radio on Thursday. Reuters: France outlaws lewd cat-calls to women in public amid attack uproar. 

3. Spankin' New Music Friday - "Uh Huh" by Jade Bird

Jade Bird Bio: Jade Bird is fast becoming one of the most exciting new British voices. Twisting big themes of disillusionment, divorce, cheating, sorrow into the realities of an independent-minded, modern British 20-year-old, Jade’s music transcends genre with a wealth of influence coming from everywhere, and anywhere. Classic, contemporary, and a total breath of fresh air in the current musical landscape, Jade Bird is that rare, next-generation artist who appears as clued up on the past as she is determined to learn from its lessons: in control, sometimes in your face, and in possession of gifts beyond her years.

More by Jade Bird:

4. Architecture & Design - Two giant hands seem to suspend a pedestrian bridge just outside the city of Da Nang, Vietnam. The 500-foot bridge rests in two outstretched palms which have been weathered with cracks and moss to give the appearance of age.

5. Odd News - "Around 10 years ago, Baker was raising chickens with her daughter on their small farm in Claremont, New Hampshire when she first saw a YouTube video of a chicken wearing what looked to be an upside-down apron that stretched across its backside." The Outline on The Booming Business Of Luxury Chicken Diapers

6. TV - June (Maya Rudolph) and Oscar (Fred Armisen) live a comfortable but very predictable wedded life when suddenly they find themselves in a completely unexpected situation, raising questions about love and marriage. Forever premieres on Amazon Prime September 14.

7. Design - The Magic Creeper is an innovative new take on the mechanic's creeper:

8. Science - Tell all the young girls in your life about 'The Matilda Effect'

The Man I Never Met: A Memoir
By Adam Schefter, Michael Rosenberg

9. Books - ESPN's NFL Insider Adam Schefter has made a name for himself breaking NFL news across all platforms oftentimes with a phone in each hand. But did you know he's also recently written a book? In The Man I Never Met, Schefter tells the story of falling in love with the widow of a 9/11 victim, marrying her, and moving into her house. In part, Schefter’s memoir is a tribute to that man, Joe Maio, a Cantor Fitzgerald executive who died in the World Trade Center attacks. In 2005, Schefter, then a sports writer for the Denver Post, took a job with the NFL Network and relocated to New York City; he had a great job, but, at almost 40, he was “single, childless, and lost.” Over Memorial Day weekend in 2006, a mutual friend suggested Schefter call Sharri Maio, who had a six-year-old son; uncertain that he wanted to date a 9/11 widow, he nevertheless called Sharri and they went on their first date. In a short time they fell in love, got married, and Schefter moved into a “house in the suburbs with a wife, a child, and the memory of Joe.” Living in and working on the house, Schefter learned that Joe was a good father who set high professional goals for himself. In what at first comes across as a bizarre concept for a memoir, Schefter successfully communicates his joy in finding love and family, and in a friendship with a man he never knew.

10. The Last Drop - Feel - Seven years ago, Jamie McKechnie was the victim of an unprovoked "one punch" attack in south-east London. Struck in the back of his head by a total stranger, he fell face-first to the ground and suffered a serious brain injury. His girlfriend Ellen Murphy, who sings under the name Only Girl, was by his side throughout the recovery - and poured her emotions into music. One of the songs she wrote in that period, Mountain, has just been released - accompanied by a moving video that chronicles Jamie's journey through rehab:

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