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TGIF.  In today's grind, we've got tv news, science nuggets, movie trivia, new music from the Bloom Twins and some weird finds.  Embrace the weird and please share Ventipop with someone you want to Be More. Smarter. Let's grind.

  • TV Line offers up its first impressions of the upcoming fall Network TV shows.
  • I agree with David Duchovny.  The X-Files reboot needs more episodes.
  • The armageddon my mom always warned us about has finally happened:  We now spend more on restaurants than we do on groceries.
  • There's a blind guy in Brazil who can identify over 3,000 different birds. I really am a slacker.
  • More Mental Floss fun.  Name the movie in only 3 clues in this Quiz.
  • Shrek resurrected.  
  • Did you know THIS GUY was supposedly the inspiration for the Shrek character?

I just don't see the resemblance at all.

  • Let's try another one.  Only one of these guys plays John Snow on a show we do not name on Ventipop:
Don't bury me.  I'm not dead yet.

Don't bury me.  I'm not dead yet.

  • Ryan Reynolds spent a lot of his own money  so he could pay homage to Bea Arthur in the Deadpool movie.
  • How about a smart pocket watch that puts you in charge of product development? Say hello to Runcible:

  • Is this couple having a baby or a Nissan 370Z?  A creepy sonogram makes you wonder.
  • This shouldn't be funny but it is.  What would your dog say if it could dial 9-1-1?
  • Helen Mirren is an absolute bad ass.
  • Designers have come up with a robot to help autistic kids develop social skills.  Meet Leka.

  • A nearly 500-year-old Alien rock, unlike anything ever seen on Earth, was discovered in Sweden.
  • Ireland says phshaw! to Sweden. Keep your stupid Alien rock. We've got 2,000-year-old Irish Bog Butter.  Yum.
  • Finally, I'll let the Bloom Twins play us out this week with their new song Amnesia...have a great weekend:

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