Daily Grind :: Sweet Start, the 80's and We Need Kleenex

We are not educated well enough to perform the necessary act of intelligently selecting our leaders.
— Walter Cronkite

Boy does this quote by the great W.C. still ring true today.  May be truer than ever.

I watched some of that OJ Simpson: Made in America documentary last night, and was very impressed. It had a lot of hype to live up to and it may have even exceeded those heightened expectations.  See it if you haven't already.

Thursday grind is up as we plow our way through another week together.

  • Being a parent to young children, I completely empathize with the dilemma this mother faces. She writes eloquently about finding balance in maintaining your child's innocence while also telling them the truth about the world we now live.
  • To a different kind of sweet.  Which cereal has the most sugar?
  • India is going to hold a trial to convict some lions.
  • Apple is debuting a new file management system.
  • Want to have and 80's flashback?  Check out this supercut of more than 80 films from that decade...but make sure you have some free time, the video clocks in at (you guessed it) over 80 minutes.
  • What really happens when you file bankruptcy?
  • Apparently, being an extrovert really wears you out.
  • Buzzfeed has a list of 16 underrated musicians you should be checking out.  We've featured a few on Ventipop so we agree .
Muna...check out the song "So Special" on our music page.

Muna...check out the song "So Special" on our music page.

  • Gizmodo made a list of trees we are about to lose forever due to climate change.
  • Color us elated.  Two stars from our favorite movie, About Time, are about to reunite and star in the story of Winnie the Pooh Creator A.A. Milne. The film will be called Goodbye Mr. Robinson and star Domnhall Gleeson and Margot Robbie.
  • Ever wonder what goes into rebuilding an engine? Here's a cool video showing the entire process:
  • And finally, we leave you today with one of those troop coming home compilations that always has you reaching for the Kleenex:

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