Daily Grind :: Texas Mugshots, Drunken Fireworks & Gladiator Groomsmen

Due to some technical difficulties, today's Daily Grind took a little longer than usual to get out.  I figure the coffee is probably pretty cold by now but I'm as reliable as the dog wagging its tail as you come through the door...even if you've only been gone for 2 minutes.  We do not take the word daily lightly around here.  Enjoy.

  • We have a saying in our house we repeat over and over to our kids, "If you're not weird, you're weird".  So, maybe I should buy this pillow for one of them:
  • New research shows entire species of fish may become extinct due to their consumption of microplastics polluting the water.
  • Quake Champions, Prey & Fallout 4 were some of the standout games from this years E3 event. See trailers for the top 5 here.
  • Also announced at E3, Resident Evil 7 is out January 2017...and it's completely VR playable from beginning to end.
  • Apple's Keynote lasted two hours yesterday, but you can watch everything that was announced in 7 minutes:

  • Two life lessons here: 1) Do not smile in your mugshot photo in Texas. 2) Do not choke prisoner as mug shot is being taken.
  • James Franco has signed on for another Stephen King adaptation. This time, he'll star in Drunken Fireworks.
  • Add this one to the reading list. Author Iain Reid's new novel "I'm Thinking of Ending Things" sounds like chilly fun and is available today.

The one with the washboard abs is me.

The one with the washboard abs is me.

Back tomorrow.