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Better late than never today.  Today's Daily Grind features science, cooking tips, tributes, books, Minions, Pinkwashing and Knives Knives Knives. Enjoy with a late afternoon, early evening warm/cold beverage of your choosing. Ventipop will be back to a normal schedule tomorrow morning with another edition of the Daily Grind and a surprise prize of a lifetime supply of Turtlewax for one lucky reader. Maybe.

  • Apple's App Store now has over 1.9 million apps and is a victim of its own success.  A major overhaul attempts to help users sort through the clutter.
  • Ventipop may be the only pop culture blog yet to never write about a little tv show that airs on HBO on Sunday Nights.  You may have heard of it.  It has dragons.  Welp, while spoil a good run? I'm still not going to say it's name, but I will say the season six finale will feature the longest episode of the entire series so far.
  • Satellites and drones assisted in the discovery of a new massive monument in Petra that's about the size of an Olympic-sized swimming pool and twice as wide.  Go drones.
Petra new discovery

Petra new discovery

Knives, knives, knives.  A craft you may never think about. Check out this video which makes me want to become a knife maker:


  • Will the new LitHub feature BookMarks become Rotten Tomatoes for books?  I don't know but something feels off about giving books a grade.
  • Jessica Mendoza really does make ESPN's Sunday Baseball more watchable.
  • It should be mandated law for every farm to have at least one Minion silo.
  • If you could live on a piece of land featuring a Minion silo OR the world's first free-form-3D printed house, which would you choose?
First free form 3D printed house

First free form 3D printed house

Chuck Klosterman's ninth book release

Chuck Klosterman's ninth book release

  • And I leave you today, not with a song, not with a quote but with some life changing cooking tips from Oola.com.  Check these out if you want to become just a bit more competent in the kitchen.

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