Daily Grind :: Coffee Quotes, Ear Candling & Self-Driving Patrons

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Now on to today's Daily Grind.

  • Uber has nothing on Walmart. Last week, the retail giant patented a self-driving shopping cart.
  • What do you think of first when you think of Amsterdam? Obviously, it's the fact that nearly a quarter of the city is covered with water, right?  So, it's probably also obvious Amsterdam isn't as interested in self-driving cars as the rest of the world. Nope, Amsterdam is investing in self-driving boats and they'll be in the canals as soon as next year.

  • Apple's new Bluetooth Airpod's have been greeted with skepticism since their announcement a few weeks ago. Spigen came up with a simple design fix to the address their fundamental problem. But you shouldn't have to shell out another $10 to fix a product you just paid $159 for.
  • I enjoyed Conan's new Airpod's Ad:

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