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Amazing World of Google

Decoding the language of flowers has been a decades-long challenge. But that changes today. Thanks to great advancements in artificial intelligence, Google Assistant on phones and Google Home is now able to understand tulips, allowing translation between Tulipish and dozens of human languages.

Daily Grind :: We Shouldn't Have To Google Stuff To Be Interesting People

I think we're all getting dumbed down in the world of Google and info at your finger tips. We don't know anything anymore. We don't even make an effort to store data. We know, if we need it, it's only an internet search away. I remember, one time spending an entire week trying to remember the name of the blind guy band from the movie Roadhouse. That was like my hobby for an entire week. Every waking second, all my free time, every lazy minute, racking my brain, calling friends who couldn't remember either. They'd say stupid things like, "Was he really blind?" just to piss me off. 

Nowadays, you'd Bing or iMDB the movie Roadhouse and boom. You'd have the answer. If you really want verification we're getting dumber, ask a person from an older generation anything about something that really matters. Let's make the cut-off age 50+. Go ahead, ask them. I bet they know it or at the very least, they know more than you do. You see, they were raised to know stuff, not remember stuff. They didn't grow up with the internet, a computer, a smart phone or empathetic adults coddling them with a "Good Job!" every five minutes.

"I thought your brain would be bigger."

"I thought your brain would be bigger."

We shouldn't have to Google stuff to be interesting people. That's the point of today's Daily Grind. Here are a bunch of interesting tidbits on everything from cars to science to sex to relationships. When I read these articles, I really tried to store them away, and hopefully you will too. Store all this up so you can recall it the next time you head out with some friends or family. They'll be amazed at how interesting you've suddenly become. Then, maybe stumble over to the juke box, drop a quarter and play some Jeff Healey Band. (I wasn't going to leave you hanging like that; I know the pain.)

  • If your "Low Fuel" light on your car burns out, you have a problem and may need to seek help or  get another job so you can afford more gas. Do you know how far you can go once your low fuel light illuminates? Here's a vehicle specific handy guide that may save you from getting stranded on the side of the road.
  • I'd never heard of paratransit before reading this article. Technology offers numerous ways to help Grandma get around.
  • I haven't played this game since I was like eight or nine: "Will It Flush?"

...The Last Drop

The Maps Are Wrong, Onions Are Apples and The Brits Are Off Their Rockers

"Science does not know its debt to imagination."

                                                   ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Turns out all the maps are wrong, you don't live where you think you live and we've been taught to look at the Earth upside-down. Cartographers use a 2D projection to convert our spherical world into a flat world for mapping purposes; which distorts the hell out of everything and misrepresents the sizes of geography everywhere. This projection is called the Mercator Projection. After a couple scientists watched an episode of The West Wing (see clip below), they created this app, The True Size Of.., with the hope teachers would use it to show their students just how big the world is.

We continue with even more science below as we get all nerdy on a Friday up in dis hizzy.