Breakfast, brain games, superheroes & foodage

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Today's Daily Grind features all the best parts of a lazy, hot August day. Start with some breakfast, wake up your brain with some "Brain Training", read a good book, watch some tv or a movie, multitask a workout and a video game then food, food, food. That's a full, hard day.


Breakfast, Brain Training, Books

Not an Elton John autobiography.

Not an Elton John autobiography.


  • With the announcement HBO's little show about dragons will end in the next two years, the famed network has some huge shoes to fill. Will the weird, sci-fi/western Westworld become HBO's next big needed hit?
  • My favorite show right now is HBO's The Night Of. It treats viewers like adults. The performances are pitch perfect, the writing concise and electric and the methodic, procedural pacing of the story has the audience feeling the same apprehension as the young man charged with murder as he is plunged into the depths of a deeply flawed American justice system. The Night Of airs Sunday nights on HBO.


Workout? Nope. Food.

  • Get a workout with the SymGym - a video game controller that also happens to give a full-body workout. 
  • Don't want to workout? Go the other direction. Could your digestive system handle free Chipotle burritos for a year?
  • Pop Quiz Hotshot! What were restaurants like 100 years ago?
  • Restaurants were very different back then. Here's this years list of the 9 Most Calorie-Filled Meals at chain restaurants.
  • I guess it really does skip a generation. Researchers are now saying You Are What Your Grandfather Ate.
  • 10 tricks to make your summer a little easier closes us out today on the Grind. Hope you enjoyed this blend. Have a great Humpday.