Alt-Country New Years Baby :: feat. Luke Bell, Gillian Welch, Mandolin Orange & More

Alternative country. insurgent country, Americana or modern country. Whatever label you want to place on this sub-genre of country music, it's becoming a larger part of my music library every year. I prefer to think of this style as nothing more than the evolution of country music. The natural progression from pickup truck lyrics, banjos and steel guitars. Oddly enough, this is the music I chose to play as 2017 belly flopped onto the scene like a spongy-jelly-filled newborn. I picked songs by Luke Bell, Gillian Welch, Over The Rhine, Chatham County Line, Elephant Revival and Mandolin Orange to welcome in the new year. I hope you hear something you like. Happy New Year.


Luke Bell :: "Sometimes" :: @lukebellmusic

Gillian Welch :: "Dry Town" :: @gillianwelch

Chatham County Line :: You Are My Light :: @chathamcoline

Mandolin Orange :: "Wildfire" :: @Mandolin_Orange

Elephant Revival :: "Season Song" :: @ElephantRevival

Over The Rhine :: "New Year's Song" :: @overtherhine