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Remember those "very special episodes" back in the 1980's? TV sitcoms would regularly insert one or two per season. Looking back now, they were so incredibly inappropriate, it's hard to fathom they were ever made. Don't believe me? Check out this list.

These "very special episodes" were routinely scheduled as event television during sweeps. The writers would take a vacay from their usual perfect worlds and have an alcoholic family member visit, or have a character die, or get raped or any other most off the wall, outlier of an idea they could dream up.

Today's edition of the Daily Grind is a very special episode too...except no one gets addicted to diet pills or contracts a terminal disease. I thought about emailing a virus, but even that's too mild to warrant a 1980's "very special episode" tag. It's special because most of the content was provided by little old you; the readers who submitted their favorite stories over the past two months.

We're just getting this plane off the ground, but many of you have been interested enough to stir the convo and send me your links. It's much appreciated. I am a one man show here. I don't have a news aggregator. I am the aggregator. No one knows more than us what we want Ventipop to be, so please keep sharing nicely and tell your friends and family about Ventipop. And just like a cheesy 80's sitcom, we've got a lesson at the end: Share and share alike.

  • One man's letter to his young daughter about men. - Justin R., Mesa, Arizona
  • Xavier University in Ohio is getting a pizza ATM. This may be bottom for pizza addicts.
  • In Sweden, only responsible people can have guns. Commie bastards. - Craig N., Hope, Indiana
  • We've all known a "Coleman Sweeney". Here's an unexpected approach to encouraging organ donation. - Andy H., Horse Cave, Kentucky.

  • You can finally get that kitchen drawer back. Have all those drawings your kids did for you made into finely crafted jewelry.
  • Watch these guys shatter Pyrex in extreme slow motion in a matter of seconds. - Seth B., Dunkirk, Idaho
  • Pardon me while I use a J-Lo term, but I still get "goosies" when I think about Heath Ledger's take on The Joker. Here are the Top 10 Depictions of the Joker. - Emily G., Indianola, Mississippi
  • I enjoyed this video of a guy fixing flags in his own special way. - Tony C., Tampa, Florida

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  • Ventipop fan Samantha K. from Austin, Texas submitted this interesting article about W.H. Auden's The Dyer's Hands. In the piece, the legendary writer talks about the importance of a writer's self-criticism, originality and how to be a good reader.
  • You know you want to kill a few hours building floating 3-D castles in the sky...thanks to Science vs Magic now you can.
  • Trapper Schoepp's new song "Dream" is alt country with a nice mix of unexpected horns. - Tito B., Nashville, Tennessee

  • The guys from Map Men close out the grind today. They take on the challenge of explaining the conflicts in the South China Sea in under three minutes. - Abbey L., Newport News, Virginia