9 Revolutionary Game Changing Products

I spend a lot of time on Ventipop writing about design and art, but I haven't written a lot about specific stuff. By stuff, I'm referring to the same stuff George Carlin talked about. The stuff of life. The stuff you buy so you can fill up your house so you can justify buying a bigger house to put all your stuff in and make room for more stuff. 

"That's the meaning of life - trying to find a place to keep your stuff."

                                                                 ~ George Carlin

I want nice things, but I do believe in the old saying, "You can't take it with you." Plus, I'm usually not overly impressed by most new things. However, sometimes design and art and a few inventive minds converge in perfect alignment and create something new and special. Here's a list of 9 Revolutionary Game Changing Products for today's Daily Grind.


The Lyric Speaker - Watch Your Music

This speaker automatically analyzes a song then presents the lyrics of the song visually on the outside of the speaker; even more impressive, the fonts adjust according to the genre of each song, so a slow ballad's lyrics are presented with more gentle movements and type than say, a driving rock song. The Lyric Speaker was created by Japan's Six Inc.

Ember - The Perfect Mug

Never burn your tongue or pour lukewarm coffee down the drain again. This modern mug, available for pre-order now, is equipped with precise temperature control either by turning the base or via an app on your phone. It keeps your favorite beverage hot/cold for up to two hours or indefinitely if seated on the the base:

Modobag - Ride Your Luggage

Never be late for that connecting flight in the Atlanta Airport ever again. Buy a Modobag, the future of travel, hop on board your suitcase and get their three times faster. Louis Armstrong was right..."What a wonderful world."

Quicksand Mats - Helicopter Pads for Your Body

If you're going to the beach anytime soon, you may want to check into getting one of these Quicksand Mats. They were designed using the same technology as military helicopter landing pads. Bottomline: Sand falls through the surface and can't get back up to the top of the mat.

Samsung Powerbot Vacuum - So Beyond Twiki

The sweeper from the future, maps your house and then sweeps your floors for you. The Samsung Turbo Powerbot Vacuum is equipped with 70X the suction power of other robotic sweepers, has built-in wifi and if you tell it on your tablet or phone to sweep three rooms, guess what? It sweeps three rooms then tucks the kids in bed for you.

Ecce Cycles - "It's Not A Bike...It's An Ecce"

These bikes really are works of art. For some reason, I imagine a 1950's Mercury shape-shifting into one of these gorgeous bikes. Designers at Ecce, in Brussels, spent four years in the design phase perfecting the balance of functionality, efficiency and beauty.

Sony 100-Inch XD9 4K TV - "We're gonna need a bigger house"

No I will not help you wall mount this tv. Sony's 100-inch tv is a nice conversation starter. After you talk about what exactly you're over-compensating for, you can talk about how empty your checking account is.

Sony's new tv is the size of a Queen bed

Sony's new tv is the size of a Queen bed

Onak Canoes - The Canoe in a Box

A canoe is a canoe. Until now. Belgian designers at Onak Canoe have created a foldaway canoe in a box for two. Their Kickstarter campaign has been funded and they expect to begin selling the canoe to the public later this year. 

Boosted Boards - Electric Skateboards

Boosted Board's 2nd Generation electric skateboards have an extended range of 12.5 miles, waterproof electrical systems and lights. Just one more product that proves my generation got the shaft when it came to toys.