Daily Grind :: 3rd Party Politics, Booze and a Better Mousetrap

Sorry I made you wade through the internet all by your lonesome for 72 hours. Trust me, I know what a scary place that can truly be. That's how the exec over at Discovery came up with the title of their hit tv show "Naked and Afraid". He was just sitting there one night reading the net when for some reason that title popped into his head.  It's a little know fact but true.  Trust me. So true.


Today's Grind is all about helping you looky-Lou's out. Please, don't skip the first story because there's no fancy graphic or video. You'll thank me. There are some really useful, money-saving storage tips in that one. I mean, now I know where to keep my onions. I've also got some cool products, long reads and we talk about two subjects I have never spoken about before on Ventipop: Politics and Booze. Because you can't really talk about one without the other; especially lately. Enjoy the Grind. I missed you. Let's roll.

Keep your potatoes and onions in the dark. Parchment paper for cheeses. Wrap the stem of your bananas in plastic wrap and buy green onions only once and keep them growing forever. Who knew! Here's a video with a lot of helpful storage tips that'll also save you lots of money. (All saved money can be sent to the Kids of Ventipop College Fund)

How to cook with booze, pair foods with booze and 5 mouth-watering booze recipes. If just reading that gave you the shakes, you may need to click here.

Don't forget to add the food.

Don't forget to add the food.

There are over 5,000 mousetrap patents, and even today everyone is still in search of the better mousetrap.  I think this guy just ended that search:

I look out my window a lot and curse weathermen. They're always wrong; especially lately. At least, that's what I thought until I read this article which made me realize I was the idiot who has always misinterpreted their forecasts.

It's like The Joker said, "Why So Angry?". Anger is the emotion which greets most of us at some point during our hectic lives. It's an easy emotion. A trigger emotion. It's popular and poisonous and has infiltrated every aspect of our existence and it has the power, if we let it, to ruin our lives. Aeon's feature "Beyond Anger" is one we all should take a breath, calm down and read.

Can you list the ingredients in your cleaning supplies? Transform simple salt, water, and vinegar into an electrolyzed disinfectant that’s non-toxic and 10 times as effective as bleach with the Force of Nature System.

We usually talk about the "exchange rate" when comparing the U.S. Dollar to foreign currency value. But the dollar's value is also considerably different from state to state. For instance, the “real value” of $100 in rent can range from roughly $63 in Hawaii to $160 in Arkansas. This piece discusses "What $100 Can Buy From State to State".

Some of the best athletes in the world have been competing over the past few weeks. We've seen breathtaking finishes, unbelievable performances under pressure and grace in defeat. Unfortunately, most of you were too distracted by the stupid Olympics to even notice The Microsoft Office World Championships.

If only all parents could be this honest:


"The Hiccuping Girls Of Old Salem - An outbreak of chronic hiccups in teens in Danvers, Massachusetts, site of the Salem Witch Trials, spurred a big investigation. Health officials suspected the culprit was a group psychological phenomenon, but kept that out of the final report." This is an interesting long read from Buzzfeed News.

Need more tips on things? Maybe you can ask Chuck Yeager on Twitter.

One for the Road...

Everyone is frustrated by the lack of political candidates every election. America has been a Republican-and-Democratic two-party system for so long, it feels like those are the only two political parties we've ever had.  Failed or forgotten third-party political systems are not often taught in schools, therefore parties like the Nullifiers, the Anti-Masons and my favorite, the Know Nothings have all but faded from modern memory. That's sad because I know a lot of people who would fit right in the Know Nothing Party.

People thought  he  was crazy.

People thought he was crazy.