20 Things To Get You Through Your Day...#203

...it was interesting to see people from different social classes sitting together, young people, older people, liberals, religious people... I was sitting next to a very religious family. The father was chatting with everyone and the mother wouldn’t stop praying for Iran to win. Men told me, “Believe me, it’s not just the women who are happy. We’re in the same unusual situation, being with women at a stadium.”
— Female Iranian Soccer Fan

20 Things To Get You Through Your Day...

Here's The 20 things I found on the internet worth sharing today. Ventipop's Grind posts can be fun, serious, thoughtful or just some great new song or something to buy. If not, you can get your money back.

1. Philanthropic Wizard - JK Rowling is the gift that just keeps on giving.

2. The Future? - Forget deliveries—this firm wants to bring a grocery store to your driveway.

3. Answer Me This - Q: Why do thrift stores smell like thrift stores? A: "Body Soils"

4. Dead Heads - Focused sound waves could be the end of wearing headphones.

5. The Good Samaritan - There was a true act of kindness and honesty outside a Dunkin’ Donuts in Cambridge when a van driver found a purse, and went to find the owner:

6. Perfect Pitch - 'I cried when I saw the pitch,' say Iranian women finally allowed in stadium

7. Too Soon? - From the Onion: Heavenly Sources Confirm Joe Jackson Already Screaming At Michael

8. Attention PETA! - ‘Dogs in Food’ Photo Series Serves Up Adorable Dogs With a Tasty Twist

9. Once In A Blue Dune - NASA shows photos of a gorgeous blue sand dune snaking across Mars.

10. Musician Mirror - This camera-style device designed by Royal College of Art graduate Arthur Carabott uses immediate audio and visual feedback to help musicians improve their posture and technique.

11. TV & Movies - Facebook is testing a new feature called "Keyword Snooze" that allows users to block posts with certain words from showing up in their News Feeds.

12. Holly Ballz! - Planter's is bringing back Cheez Ballz

13. Nightmares & Dreamscapes - Do you kill people in your dreams? Congratulations, you're creative.

14. Obligatory Coffee Link of the Day - Need a gift for a coffee lover in your life? How about Brazil whole bean coffee aged in bourbon whiskey barrels? Oak & Bond Coffee Co. Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

15. Curious Ad of the Day - Visiting Norway? Here’s a souvenir you don’t want to bring home!

16. Everything You Can Imagine Is Real - Digital Artist Justin Peters merges reality with his imagination.

17. DIY Tip of the Day - The easiest way to get the stink out of silicone kitchenware? Bake them.

18. A Ticket To Ride - Coming soon to cities: one transit app to rule them all

19. Movies & Books - A Quite Place writers are going to adapt Stephen King's The Boogeyman

20. New Song of the Day - "Family Tree" by Priscilla Renea

Grind #203...fini.

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