20 Things To Get You Through Your Day...#204

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great makes you feel that you, too, can become great.
— Mark Twain

20 Things To Get You Through Your Day...

Here's The 20 things I found on the internet worth sharing today. Ventipop's Grind posts can be fun, serious, thoughtful or just some great new song or something to buy. If not, you can get your money back.

1. Ad of the Day - Airbnb's new ad encourages life beyond your own doorstep:

2. Humor - Diagnosis: Female

3. Feel - Herman Gordon is loved by everyone at Bristol University for his positive attitude and happy-go-lucky nature. "He is the epitome of happiness," the JustGiving page says. - Students Surprise Happy Custodian With Trip To Jamaica To See His Family

4. You've Been Served - "I’m like, ‘Where the hell are my shifts?’” she told BuzzFeed News. Her normal schedule of four days a week had been cut down to just two, a change she estimated would cost her between $200 and $400 a week. “They were like, ‘Oh, well, you had a bad score.’” - Here’s How That Tablet On The Table At Your Favorite Restaurant Is Hurting Your Waiter

5. I Can't Quit You - A new short film by Matthew Frost starring the uber talented Mackenzie Davis speaks volumes about our society today. Check out the "anxiety dramedy" below:

6. A Dog's Life - Books Where the Dog Dies, Rewritten So the Dog Doesn’t Die

7. High Scores - Like most kids, my son has been playing his fair share of Fortnite. About a month ago, he asked if he could spend some money to buy some upgrades. I was shocked when he started showing me the prices of some of the smallest upgrades gamers could buy. The Finances of Fortnite: How Much Are People Spending on This Game?

I’ve always believed that coffee brought people together and I wanted to help do that.
— Jack Karuletwa

9. Podcast / Interview of the Day - The Ringer's Bill Simmons interview of actor/author Ethan Hawke made me realize how truly under appreciated Hawke is as an American star. (Interview with Hawke begins around the 23:05 mark):

11. Upward Mobility - An engineering student designed a 'mobile airbag' that deploys when you inevitably drop your phone:

12. The Beautiful Thing About Disgust - A new study says being disgusted helps us stay healthy.

13. Odd Bird / Science - Neat Experiment Suggests Crows Are Even Better Toolmakers Than We Thought

14. Ring Bearers - One of my favorite shows from last year, GLOW returns with season 2 today on Netflix.

15. New Song of the Day - "1975" by Billy Raffoul

Music touches places beyond our touching.
— Keith Bosley

16. The Future / Sweden - Thousands of Swedes are inserting microchips into themselves – here’s why.

17. Idiot Box - Netflix Comings & Goings in July

18. Recipe of the Day - I made this Arugula Mint Watermelon Salad the the other day because it was so highly rated on Food Network. Five Star average out of 94 reviews. It's really different and really refreshing. My kids hated it which is the best endorsement I can give you for a healthy recipe. (My kids got to eat the remaining watermelon so that made them happy)

19. Gone, But Still Giving - Teacher’s Last Wish For Backpacks And Supplies Instead Of Flowers At Her Funeral

20. Trailer of the Day - Juliet, Naked starring Rose Byrne, Ethan Hawke and Chris O'Dowd:

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Grind #204...fini.

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