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Daily Grind :: 11 Innovative & Fun Products

Friday is pay day, and since the restraining order is still in place barring you from getting within a hundred yards of Tequila Mockingbird (yes, it's a real place), why not spend your hard-earned cash on something else?  Something like a NodPod, Flexcils, Hammerheads, Snakables or a roll of Fiberfix. Learn what the hell these items are and a few more in this Friday edition of the Grind. Cheers!

  • I don't know how, but Fiberfix will play a part in a Science Fair Project this year.

It's a little pricey, but when you consider the thing could save your life or at the very least valuable time, the go-Tenna Off-Grid Text & GPS device might be worth the investment. What is it? It's a device that allows you to use your smartphone to send texts and GPS locations even when there's no cellular coverage or wifi available. 

  • The iF Design Awards are among the most prestigious product design awards in the world. The 2016 iF Design Award winner in "professional concepts" went to the Habot-Mini Concept Firetruck which would be the first mobile fire extinguisher to put out fires using nitrogen no water. 
Habot-Mini Concept Firetruck

Habot-Mini Concept Firetruck

  • The Nod Pod calls itself the "ultimate sleep travel solution". It's a cool idea, but part of any great family vacation is the anticipation of watching someone jerk awake just as they're about to nod off in the car. I also think there's a good chance Grandpa could somehow strangle himself in his sleep with this thing:

  • Convert those raggedy old concert ticket mementos into a custom doormat. And maybe it's time to cut off the mullet too.

  • Flexcils claim to be flexible colored pencils that never need to be sharpened. My eight-year-old will decide if that's true.

  • Again and again, simple is better. I need 50 of these Snakable Charging

  • A spoutless, 360-degree-drink-from-anywhere, self-sealing, spill-proof, easy-to-clean cup for kids recommended by wonder it's called the Miracle Cup.



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